Pride and Prejudice reading, watching and listening list 2013

So here is my list for the Pride and Prejudice challenge 2013. I have committed to rereading pride and prejudice and reading watching and listening to another eleven Pride and Prejudice spinoffs twelve in total throughout the year, sharing my reviews of each as I go.

1. Assumed Engagement; Kara Louise
2. The confessions of Fitzwilliam Darcy; Mary Street
3. Lost in Austen: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure; Emma Campbell Webster
4. Pride and Prejudice; Jane Austen
5.Darcy’s Story; Janet Aylmer (Author) Hugh Thomson (illustrator)
6.Pride and Prejudice BBC Mini Series 1955
7. An assembly such as this; Pamela Aiden
8. These Three Remain; Pamela Aiden
9. Duty and Desire; Pamela Aiden
10. Mr Darcy’s Letter; Audiobook Abigail Reynolds narrated by Pearl Hewitt
11. Pride and Prejudice; 2005 Film
12. Pride and Prejudice: Audiobook Narrated by Emilia Fox

Matthew Macfadyen reads the propsal from pride and prejudice does it get any better?


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